My name is Rickey Readus, founder of pinkribbonscrusade. I am an Eastern Kentucky University alum, with my B.A. in Music Marketing. I am very passionate about many things. As a creative, I have talents as a singer/songwriter, musician, teacher, and most recently, apparel design. Honestly, I never intended to start a clothing brand. I just created a shirt one day I wanted to wear to show my Black pride. It turned out so did many others. Since its conception in April 2020, I've been blessed with lots of inspiration and creative ideas to develop many designs for pinkribbonscrusade. I, like many, have experienced social injustice. I've had my run-ins with the criminal justice system. Despite my efforts, I too, am often stereotyped because of my melanin. It doesn't matter my success, my social status, or my affiliations. At the end of the day, to many, I am just another Black man. But you know what, I am proud of my melanin— proud of my culture, and my heritage. What many may see as a handicap, I see as a privilege! So despite the afflictions I face, I will rise!

I aim to continue to provide the Black community with stylish apparel that screams, "I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD".

We BUILT this country. They will know. They will see!